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Videos for busy businesses and leaders.

We know you're busy. Dark Matter makes the process of crafting videos extremely quick, super easy and incredibly beautiful for your business. It's on point, every time.

We don’t just turn heads, we turn minds.

Over the last five years, Dark Matter has helped businesses use videos as their superpower. By combining intentional strategy and beautiful production, we’re giving you an unparalleled edge in your industry.

But the question then becomes, why videos?

  • A person watches an average of 17 hours of video per week.
  • That’s 84 minutes every day.
  • Videos are twice as likely to be shared than other content
  • The average video retention rate for videos is 54%

But wait, it’s not just videos.
The common train of thought seems to be that putting out videos is the only thing you need to do to see the benefits. That just isn’t true.

A huge part of our work with you is figuring out your ideal audience, understanding what they want to hear and then looking at the best format to deliver that message. Without this, it’s like building a house with no plans.

That’s what makes us different.
We’re strategy first, production second.

Our Results:

  • We’ve helped a top tier recruitment agency attract next level candidates for their client roles and outperform competitors in their space.
  • We’ve helped a trailblazing mortgage broking company get unprecedented awareness and authority using videos so much so, they became the authority on mortgages
  • We helped a business launch videos for an online course and created marketing videos that generated almost $10k in revenue in 14 days.
  • We’ve helped large corporates weave videos into their internal and external facing communications. We’ve heard first hand from staff and suppliers that the bigger organisations listen

We’ve helped lots of businesses over the last five years use videos in a way that actually benefits their business.

Whether it’s for larger organisations adopting a new strategy or helping SME’s with specific growth goals, we’ve been part of it all and we know what works.

Two ways we can help you with videos.

Our services are built for simplicity and efficiency. If you need videos on an ongoing basis, or for a one-off production. We have you covered.

Videos we make.

Corporate Videos

  • Company Profiles
  • Executive Messages
  • Internal Communications
  • Training and Instructional Videos
  • Recruitment Videos

Marketing Videos

  • Promotional Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Case Studies and Testimonials

Event Videos

  • Conference and Seminar Coverage
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Product Launches
  • Webinars
  • Award Ceremonies

Customer Testimonial Videos

  • Client Success Stories
  • Customer Reviews
  • Client Interviews
  • Case Studies

Educational Videos

  • eLearning Courses
  • Educational Tutorials
  • Academic Lectures
  • Documentaries

Social Media Content

  • Instagram Stories and Reels
  • TikTok Videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • YouTube Content

Training and Safety Videos

  • Health and Safety Protocols
  • Onboarding Videos
  • Compliance Training
  • Equipment Training

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • Health and Safety Messages
  • Community Awareness
  • Environmental Campaigns

Corporate Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Event Portfolio

Nick CarterPartner - Brannigans

Our experience working with Dark Matter has been excellent. They've really got up to speed quickly, in terms of what our needs are but more importantly, what our clients needs are.

Jonathan DunnLecturer - University of Canterbury

The tips and guidance provided by Dark Matter helped us throughout the 12 recording sessions. As a result, we are now more confident about making a MOOC and presenting on camera.

Matt McGrathProgramme Manager – Modern Workplace at Christchurch City Council

We needed a flexible production crew to film to an in-house script. This was for a change management short film. Kaushik and his team stuck to a fairly hectic schedule of filming around Christchurch. They had to work with actors and staff that have never stood in front of the camera before. It was a great job and fantastic result.

Nathan MiglaniManaging Director - NZ Mortgages

Working with Dark Matter was the best professional decision I took in 2021. Working with Kaushik and the whole team was actually quite easy...

Julia StrelouContent and Experience Manager - Medenterprises

We were looking to create a consistent yet affordable video and communications strategy. Dark Matter's subscription service stood out as it provided better value than any other avenues I looked into.

Kaushik and his team exceeded my expectations; the videos were of high quality and the team worked closely with me until I was 100% satisfied. The regular content creation provided us with an engaging and effortless video strategy.

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